Dear valued Business Partner

In a relatively small space of time we have seen a marked increase in the frequency of armed robberies.

As part of our philosophy to pro-actively manage risk, I thought I would share this trend with you.
My hope is that in sharing this information we will create an awareness, and in doing so,  that we are arming our  valued clients with the opportunity to take the necessary steps to minimise the chances of being put in situation where their staff and property are at risk. Whether those steps include increased security ( such as access control) or training their staff on how to react when put in a situation like this is a matter that I would suggest you discuss with your clients - using this time to also evaluate their covers to ensure that they are adequately covered.

The signature of these robberies has been efficiency, with armed perpetrators entering the premises and going straight for the high valued goods and exiting the premises within a 4 minute period.
What we can take away from this is that the crimes have been well planned.
Planning could imply that the premises were watched or pre scouted prior to the actual crime taking place. We urge you to make sure your clients are vigilant, take needed precautions and report suspicious behaviour in their vicinity to the authorities.
Vigilance could be the action that takes them out of harms way.

We hope that there are no further instances of this nature befalling our clients but we do believe that being forewarned is being forearmed.

Be alert. Be careful. Be safe.

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